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Vital Care Production, distribution et logistique SPA officially becomes a socio-economic partner of the Algiers Faculty of Pharmacy

On June 2, 2022 Vital Care Production, distribution et logistique SPA signed a socio-economic partnership agreement with the Algiers Faculty of Pharmacy, which was established in November 2021. This agreement is part of the development of pharmaceutical human resources, and aims to encourage scientific research and support students in their practical training.

Vital Care will thus help to ensure a smooth transition from student to professional life for students, and enable them to discover the pharmaceutical industry at close quarters, through practical internships at its various sites, as well as mentoring opportunities for end-of-study work.

“The dialogue between the various parties involved in this partnership will contribute to the development of new specialties and master’s degrees, to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s unmet training needs” says Mr. TABLOUL Zoubir, Managing Director of Vital Care Laboratories.

For his part, Prof. DJIDJIK Reda, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, praised the agreement, which will offer students from both departments practical training opportunities in the production of medical devices.