For an effective glycemic follow up

Precision and reliability

Easy handling

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Vital check Glycemic (blood glucose) self monitoring system includes MM1200 glycemic meter, MS-2 test strips, a lancing device and lancets.

Characteristics and Benefits

Precise and reliable results
Rapid test : 5 seconds.
Easy handling thanks to its ergonomic shapeand light weight.
Test memorising with date and time.
Pre and post prandial measuring function.
Used test strips safe disposal thanks to the release button.
Adjustable needle depth as per the skin type, thanks to the 05 levels.
No chip, no coding
Small sampling : 0.5 µl.
Easy results reading thanks to the LCD large screen (display).
Test beginning signal : A blood drop is displayed.
Audio function confirming that :
The test strip has been inserted successfuly.
Sufficient blood amount (quantity).
Increase of temperature indication.

Technical data

Glycemic meter Vital Check® MM1200
Glycemic test strips Vital Check® MS-2
Reactive enzyme electrochemical technology Glucose Oxydase (GOD)
Calibration Blood plasma equivalent
Coding Automatic
Interval of measurement 20-600 mg/dl (1,1 – 33,3 mmol/l)
Interval of hematocrit 20-60%
Sampling Fresh capillary blood
Memory 300 tests mesuring
Display LC D Screen
Meter size 12 x 51 x 88 mm
Meter weight 48g battery included
Test strips storage temperature 4-30°C
Working/ Operating temperature 10-40°C
Working/ Operating humidity 10-90% relative humidity
Battery 2 batteries DC 3V (CR2032
Battery life About 1000 test

Messages displayed

The meter has detected a problem with the test strip, it is either already used or damaged Insert a new test strip
Blood has been applied on the test strip before the drop symbol was displayed. Apply blood on the new test strip once the drop symbol is displayed.
The temperature is either higher or lower than the recommended ones for the meter use. The environment temperature should be between 10-40 ° C. The test must be performed once the meter has adjusted to this temperature for 20 mns.
The sample absorption slit has not been sufficiently filled. The blood sample is either insufficient or too viscous. Retest with a new test strip and a sufficient blood quantity.
The wrong test strip has been used. Ensure you have used Vital Check MS-2 test strip. Make sure it has been inserted properly before performing the test.
This symbol is displayed when the meter is not properly working. Please contact your Vitalcare customer care Service by phone and/ or email at the address below.
The result is higher than 600mg /dL (33.3mmol /L). This means that your blood glucose level is too high. Re-test using a new test strip. If the symbol “HI” is displayed again, please contact your doctor.
The result is lower than 20mg /dL (1.1mmol / L). This means that your blood glucose level is too low. Re-test using a new test strip. If the symbol “Lo” is displayed again, please have 03 lumps of sugar meaning 15 gr and a piece of bread, then, contact your doctor immediately.

# User Manual Vital Check® MM1200.


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