Who we are

Beyond being a major player in the medical device manufacturing industry, Vital Care Production, Distribution and Logistics positions itself as a reference partner for healthcare professionals actively working to improve patients’ quality of life.

Founded in 2016, Vitalcare production, distribution and logistics Founded in 2016, Vital Care Production, Distribution and Logistics is an Algerian company investing in local manufacturing of delocalized biology innovative medical devices, including in vitro diagnostics of various diseases, through top level strategic partnerships with the sole purpose of enhancing effective technology transfer in accordance with good manufacturing practice and quality control principles.

These medical devices, which are locally produced in full process, are made available to Algerian patients and healthcare professionals, with a relentless concern to ensure a better support for the patient at home.

Today,Vital Care Production, Distribution and Logistics employs over 200 colleagues, among its different industrial sites, distribution center and headquarters. Thanks to the company efficient teams and their commitment, and through quality partnerships, Vitalcare has out as a key reference on the Algerian market in the manufacture of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, by providing patients with devices that are suitable to their needs in order to improve their quality of life.

Our Vision

Being the leading partner in improving the quality of life of patients. VitalCare produces and distributes tailored diagnostic solutions to improve the health and quality of life of patients and has become a key partner for healthcare professionals.


Produce and develop quality diagnostic systems and make them available to healthcare professionals in order to improve patients’ management (care) and provide them a better quality of life.


Our Company culture foundation

Since its creation, Vital Care Production, Distribution and Logistics has committed to a high standard code of conduct that has guided its decisions and resolutions both economically and ethically, which helps the company develop its true self identity, based on strong values.

Our values, based on founding principles, shape our behaviors and actions.

Our actions are not profit- related. Profit is for us a mean for colleagues, patients, shareholders, environment and society development and progress.

« Ethics is aesthetics from within » – Pierre REVERDY

Achieving well-being is a deep aspiration for us, which can be seen in the relationships the company has with healthcare professionals, partners and employees.

« The goal of society is to provide everyone with well-being » – Honoré DE BALZAC

For us, quality is synonymous with solid and transparent partnerships, well-defined processes, standards that go beyond legal standards and going beyond one’s limits at all times. It is the state of mind that drives us.

« We can’t like quantity, we only like quality » – Charles-Ferdinand RAMUZ

We believe that without innovation the business at best stagnates if not regresses. We have integrated innovation into our strategy as a key element that guides our actions and the culture of our company.

« Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from a follower » – Steve JOBS

Our strategic orientations, the reality of our projects, the meaning we give to our commitments make us a useful and indispensable company in our field.

« Who said that a life without commitment is a life without substance? Some pompous phraser, surely … But this guy still touched the truth with his finger » – Douglas KENNEDY