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Vital Check® MM1200 

Our glucose meter Vital Check® MM1200

The Vital Check® Blood Glucose Monitoring System consists of the MM1200 series blood glucose meter, MS-2 test strips, lancing device and lancets.

Features of our glucose meter :
  • Accurate results (accuracy study: link to study).
  • Fast test time: 5 seconds.
  • Easy to hold thanks to ergonomic shape and light weight.
  • Test memory with date and time.
  • Pre- and post-meal marking function.
  • Ejector button for safe disposal of used test strips.
  • Sting depth adjustable to skin type, thanks to 5 levels.
  • Chip and code-free.
  • Small sample size: 0.5 µl.
  • Easy-to-read results with large LCD display.
  • Test start indication: display of a drop of blood.
  • Audible confirmation of test result:
  • Correct strip insertion.
  • Correct blood quantity.
  • Indication of temperature rise.
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in accordance with the international standard ISO 15197 2013, proven in Algeria.

Ease of use

new lancing device for more patient comfort.

Personalized patient follow-up

thanks to the EMPECS software which makes it possible to establish a detailed report of the glycemic profile.

Korean technology

guarantee of high quality and manufacturing in full process with transfer of technology.

Find out how to use Vital Check® MM1200