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Eiken OC-Sensor io

Discover our Eiken OC-Sensor io

OC-Sensor is an immunochemical test for the quantitative detection of occult human hemoglobin in stool. Immunoturbidimetric analysis requires specific clinical laboratory technology. In the case of diseases that involve bleeding lesions of the digestive tract, such as intestinal tumors or their precursors, for example, the amount of hemoglobin in the stool is increased. Therefore, determining the amount of hemoglobin in the stool represents an effective screening method for the early detection of colorectal cancer.Dans le cas des maladies qui impliquent des lésions hémorragiques du tube digestif, telles que les tumeurs intestinales ou leurs précurseurs, par exemple, la quantité d’hémoglobine dans les selles est augmentée. Donc déterminer la quantité d’hémoglobine dans les selles représente une méthode efficace de dépistage pour la détection précoce du cancer colorectal.

Features of OC-Sensor IO test analyzer :
  • Compact design: 36 x 56 x 42.5 cm (W x D x H), minimum footprint
  • Easy to use: simply press “START” to begin analysis
  • Continuous and random loading: samples, reagents and bottles can be loaded continuously during analysis.
  • High throughput: 88 tests / hour
  • Fast: first results after 7 minutes
Full automation in a smaller space
The OC-Sensor product range has been on the market since 1989. OC-sensor analyzers are world-renowned for reliable testing and precise measurement. The OC-Sensor Io test analyzer., part of the well-known OC-Sensor series, benefits from all the ideas and technologies of its predecessors, with a much more compact design. With its minimal footprint, the OC-Sensor Io fits into any laboratory, with a maximum analysis capacity of 88 tests/hour.

The test method is based on a latex agglutination reaction. The latex particles used are sensitized with polyclonal antibodies specifically directed against human hemoglobin (anti-human HbA0). These particles bond with the hemoglobin in the stool sample, resulting in agglutination of the latex particles, detected by turbidimetry (photometry).


The absorbance resulting from the latex agglutination reaction is directly proportional to the hemoglobin concentration in the sample. The hemoglobin concentration in the patient sample can be accurately and reliably calculated from a calibration curve – produced using a hemoglobin standard solution.


Analysis and evaluation are fully automated and standardized thanks to the use of the OC-Sensor analysis tube; quantitative, measured results are objectively determined and documented by means of a photometric (optical) analysis technique.

Internal control material provides the laboratory user with immediate, independent monitoring and control of the test system used.