Covid-19 testing kits production volume may be increased in order to meet health authorities requests whenever the needs arises, and it may even exceed the current volume of 200,000 kits/ week, stated Vitalcare medical Director, Mr Said Gari, this Tuesday.

“The current volume is 200,000 kits/ week, however, if the authorities request a larger quantity, we will obviously commit to meeting the demand “He assured during a press conference organized within the production laboratory located in the commune of Baba Ali.

In addition, Mr. Gari confirmed that this project implementation has started several weeks ago, for the purpose of responding to the health authorities request regarding this type of products likely to diagnose the contact of individuals with Covid-19.

“The test checks for the presence of specific antibodies to the Coronavirus in the patient’s blood, serum or plasma. The results are known within ten to 12 minutes, explained the same official.

According to him, the test purpose is to determine the serological status of an individuak to know if he has been in contact with the virus by detecting the anti-coronavirus antibodies that the patient has developed following an infection.

This information is very important, according to Mr. Gari, especially as more than 80% of the infected population is asymptomatic, meaning not showing symptoms related to the Coronavirus infection.

“Today, the real number of the contamination is still unknown. This test will enable us to address the epidemiological data across the national territory”, he underlined, adding that this will facilitate achieving a more precise lethality rate of this pathology in Algeria.

Referring to the level of precision of these test kits, the representative of Vitale Care says that it is around 97-98%.

When asked about the manufacturing cost, Mr. Gari remaind vague, saying that “in crisis conditions, we do not talk about cost, we do not talk about price”, highlighting the country’s interest in the production of Covid-19 detection kits.

In addition, the same official indicated that the pharmaceutical company is considering prospecting at a local level in order to raise the rate of integration linked to the production of various medical test kits.

As a reminder, Vital Care is a pharmaceutical laboratory launched by Algerian investors at the end of 2016 “with the purpose of filling a pharmaceutical sector dependant of import”, according to the representative of this company.

This includes producing different types of rapid diagnostics, especially those for patients with diabetes (blood glucose strips).

“We produce these kits thanks to a transfer of technology in order to achieve a reliable product, Mr. Gari observed.

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