The Algerian company Vital Care, has launched the process of producing the first batches of validation of rapid serological tests for Covid-19, last Monday in Algiers, with a rapid 15 mns result.

“Successful” tests have been carried out at Beni Messous university hospital in Algiers on patients showing symptoms, but also on others who show no sign of contamination.

Algeria thus becomes the first Maghreb country and the second country in Africa, following South Africa, to engage in the manufacture of this kind of tests, via the production, initially, of a volume of 200 000 units per week, in partnership with Jordanian and Canadian companies, which ensure the technology transfer.

The target can be achieved and even exceeded, as long as the plant does not run out of stock of necessary inputs for the manufacturing process that depend on imports and therefore air transportation.

For now, the public authorities have set up a “green corridor”, dedicated to companies active in the pharmaceutical sector, in particular those involved in the Covid-19 pandemic management, in order to facilitate all their operations at both customs and financial levels.

The raw material supply has been guaranteed to launch the project. Located in west side of the capital, more precisely in Baba Ali, the plant specialized in diagnostics was getting ready to produce its first rapid tests in September 2020.

With the health crisis, their efforts have been directly focused on the immediate launch of the kits production line, following the success of the tests at Beni Messous University Hospital.

It should be pointed out that Vital Care has already launched the manufacture of blood glucose strips, in partnership with two laboratories, American and South Korean, and intends to launch other rapid HIV test kits and hepatitis, but also in hematology.

Article published on El Watan

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